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About ComsAR

This site was started to allow foreign tourists to Japan to enjoy sightseeing in Japan, by allowing them to see translated sightseeing information on their smartphones and tablet devices.
Accessing ComsAR via the latest AR technology from existing printed materials and packages allows users to see information, pictures, videos, and the like without the need for paper media.

A list of other delivered information is displayed in the menu at the top right.
We are planning to provide frequent updates of posted information and are planning to expand our delivered information, so please have a look if you have a chance.


How to use ComsAR

There are two ways to access ComsAR.

・Scan a package, pamphlet, or the like that are eligible for ComsARby the COCOAR2 application, then access the page.
・Input the ComsARURL (www.coms-ar.com) to directly access the website.
(From the website, users are not able to see limited content that can only be accessed with the application scan.)

■Way to access ComsAR byscanning packages, pamphlets etc.

This function is only supported on smartphones and tablet devices.

1.Install the free “COCOAR2” application on your device.

Search for “COCOAR2” on the AppStore on an iPhone/iPad or on Google Play on an Android to download the application.

2.Start “COCOAR2”.

If the language of your device is “Japanese”, you don’t need to take any extra steps before starting the application.
Persons using a device with a language that is not “Japanese” must update their database settings.

■Updating database settings

Open the settings screen by tapping the “Settings” tab at the bottom right of the application, then tap “Database”, select “Japan”, select “OK”, then restart the application.

3.Align the center of the screen with the material to be scanned (the package, pamphlet, etc.), and then scan.

4.When the TOP screen is displayed, select your language, then proceed to the menu screen.

Tap the play button at the center of the image to enjoy the video.


ComsAR Operating Company

Coms Inc.


〒509-1622 1993 Kanayama, Kanayamachou, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture
TEL. 0576-32-2022
FAX. 0576-32-2444
IP telephone: 050-3540-4199
Email. honsya@coms1.jp


Minokamo Service Office
〒505-0004 309-5 Kamihachiya, Hachiyacho, Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture
TEL. 0574-27-2235
FAX. 0574-27-2205
Email. minokamo@coms1.jp


Nagoya Division
〒451-0046 2-10-1204 Ushijimacho, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL. 052-990-2600
Email. nagoya@coms1.jp


We are only able to handle inquiries in Japanese.