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Electric chamfering machine

Electric / self-propelled type Double sided type


Oxide coating removal device

Ideal for peeling of coating film and removal of oxide film!


Processing Plate Thickness Min10mm~Max30mm
Working plate width 130 mm or more (Rib height 170 mm or more)
Cutting tool Disk sander (2 pcs)
No-load rotational speed 1,270min-1
Self-propelled speed 1,700mm/min
Power supply capacity 3 phase, 200 V brushless DC motor 750 W
Machine dimensions 308×343×540mm
Weight Unit: 23kg (Approx.), Control panel: 7kg



Transport type Desktop type

Ideal for line configuration


※S is optional and will be equipped with loading and unloading conveyor.

●R face machining, C face machining can be changed easily.
●The optional addition, you can configure to suit the application.


Types of chamfers R3 (R2, C1, C2 can be processed) (Note 1)
Chamfer amount on both sides, with automatic correction device
Processing Plate Thickness Min8mm~Max36mm
Working plate width 80~500mm
Processing plate length 300~4,000mm
Power supply capacity 3 phase, 200 V 3 KVA
Cutter 3-Blades (One for right rotation and one for left rotation)
Inserts Carbide R insert (2 x 3pcs)
No-load rotational speed 2,500/3,000min-1 50/60Hz
Material feed rate 1,500mm/min
Machine dimensions 1,100 × 1,450 × 1,400mm (Body only)
Weight Approx. 750 kg (Conveyor not included)

(Note 1) Dedicated cutters and inserts are required for other than R3 processing.




Chamfering system

Unmanned Automatic chamfer line to eliminate the human handwork

Autoloading chamfering system for bridges
Double-sided hole deburring · Front and rear end angle deburring
Both sides outer thread chamfer etc.





Small outer edge chamfering machine

□ 400 MAX small parts can be processed with Chenkon and processed unmanned and sequentially




Products listed in this catalog are subject to change without notice due to product improvement, specifications.