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Electric chamfering machine
By adopting a special carbide R-Insert cutter
①Cutting gives an extremely smooth finished surface with a stable quality.
②It creates less dust compared to such as a sander, the load of the body will be reduced.

【Features of electric chamfering machine】
By adopting the drive unit and electric motor
①Unlike the air method, the unevenness of rotation is less, stable R chamfering can be performed.
②There is no trouble due to condensation, regardless of the surrounding temperature situation such as winter.


Electric type handheld Curved surface type

Denmaru-Kun MGR-100

Rigidity up ! !
By option Compitable to the large surface like R5 · C5


Types of chamfers R-Chamfer ・・・R3(R2,R4,R5)(Note 1)
C-Chamfer ・・・(C1,C2,C3,C4,C5)
Min. chamfered thickness 9mm
Min. processing radius R17 (In the case of R3)
Cutter 3 blades (Clockwise rotation)
Inserts Carbide R insert (3 pcs)
Carbide R insert (3 pcs) 9,300min-1
Full load current 7.3A
Power Supply Single phase, AC 50/60 Hz, 100 V
Electric motor Single phase series wound commutator motor
Electric Power 720W
Weight 3.3 kg (Excluding cord)

(Note 1) This machine is dedicated to R3 chamfering, but optional other chamfering can be done by changing the insert, center roller, liner and the body.
※Pre-processing may be necessary depending on chamfer amount.



Minimum processing radius(In the case of R3 processing)R13.5
From sliding to the rotation ! !
Cutting performance was improved by rotating the guiding plate.
Short insert changing time
Insert exchange became smooth.

Types of chamfers R3 (R2, C1, C2 can be processed) (Note 1)
Min. chamfered thickness 9mm
Min. processing radius For R3 processing (Standard)/R13.5 (Hole diameter φ 27)
For R2, C1, C2 processing/R15 (Hole diameter φ30)
R15 (Hole diameter φ30) 2 blades (Clockwise rotation)
Inserts Carbide R Insert (2 pcs)
No-load rotational speed 9,000min-1
Full load current 7.4A
Power Supply Single phase, AC 50/60 Hz, 100 V
Electric Power 720W
Weight 2.6kg (Excluding cord)

(Note 1) For C2, C1 chamfering, C type center roller and insert are required. For R2 chamfer, dedicated R2 type liner, center roller, and insert are necessary.




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