Cuore Fureai Village

Mino Shirakawa outdoor resort
Mino-Shirakawa Outdoor Resort Cuore Fureai Village

Camp  Bungalow

Auto Camp

Resort Cottage

Dormitory  Large-seale Cottage

Playing in the River Fishing  Catch the Fish

Walk in the Forest  Walk in the Nature

Barbecue  Make a Pizza


Enjoy the Outdoor with Cuore Fureai Village.

Mino Shirakawa a bird sings in the morning haze, and a river flows, and where the trees smell. Cuore Fureai Village contact it’s possible to sense the charm together where. Camp, paddling, tennis and a walk are various, there is how to enjoy oneself. Wouldn’t you like to do outdoor zanmai at Cuore Fureai Village, either?




Free tent site

The most basic outdoor life, from a tent…. A free site can choose a place, and myself can also enjoy camp of a style OK an open fire. There is also a permanent tent in summer.
Bringing in tent (all types)
of 2,100 yen-


Autocamping site

There is about 100 square meters of size in the site sunlight through the leaves of trees means, and a comfortable camp life can be spent. Sanitary facilities and a point are juxtaposed in the site.
Autocamping site of 3,675 yen-



Simple log cabin of a pure wooden construction which compares with a campsite. The type has 33 houses altogether and is various until 4-15 person business. Even the person who doesn’t like camp can enjoy a tent surely.
Bungalow (for 4 people) of 4,200 yen-



Large bungalow “Taisho lodge”

Other bedclothes in a bus restroom kitchen are equipped the large bungalow where a stay is even possible by 30 people of capacity well with, so it fits camp by a group.
The Taisho lodge 30 (person capacity) of 31,500 yen-



Large accommodations “Sasao sou”

There is also a kitchen equipment in addition to a great hall and a large indoor bath, and even at most 50 people can stay overnight. There are also a large ground and a tennis court again, so it’s most suitable for a training camp.
Sasao sou 50 (person capacity) of 26,250 yen-



A cottage Vila Cuore.

Much equipment is equipped a naturalness sense fullness pension wind cottage well with until I come to bedclothes and tableware from the electrical appliances by which it’s for air-conditioning and a microwave as well as a bath and a restroom. It’s a fitting building in an easy outdoor.
Cottage (10 person capacity) 18,900 yen-



Stay interactive model home “Hikari”

“Hinoki Kori” made with “Hikari” . It’s possible to share these large accommodations of 20 people of capacity with 2 houses with a west ridge (15 people of capacity) and use it. An outdoor can be enjoyed by the one necessary for a household and the environment which doesn’t change.
Model home “Hikari” 42,000 yen-





Square in a lawn

“Contact park”

A light sport of putting golf and badminton can be enjoyed at a square in a lawn with 6000 square meters of size. All rental is OK for a tool of course.
Light sporting good rental of 300 yen –


Boating on the river

A flow is gentle and a brook in clear stream Shirakawa which flows along a campsite bustles with many people such as boating on the river and barbecue in summer.
The entrance fee of 105 yen –



Aqua Parco

The artificial valley stream small park for which water from clear stream Shirakawa was used is also conveniently located, and easily, everyone can enjoy mass fishing easily in safety. Please eat the fish which was fished and grabbed with a barbecue.
Mass fishing and (10) of grasping of 1890 yen-


Field bingo

Recommendation under Sasahira Takahara is this! I interview about a forest of Cuore through a bingo card.” How many nuts” and” lost item of an animal” are found?
Bingo card (1) 50 yen



Pizza production experience

“PITTSERIA and Cuore” then, a real pizza production experience can be enjoyed by an iron pot of Italian direct import. The required time is about 2 hours. (Reservation-required)
A basic charge of 5000 yen –


Unpleasant experience

A family becomes same by everyone, and the small child can experience it disagreeably easily, too. Please have some fun time when a heart leaps while running after sweetfish in the pleasant splash of water.
Jana experience charge Sweetfish of 1500 yen and trout of 800 yen


Smoked making is experienced.

Smoked making you can make Quentin, but which is profound. I’ll challenge smoked cheese production! Reward is good smoked cheese.
An experience charge of 1000 yen



Lure fishing

An extraordinarily great person is swimming 50 cm of trout of a coat much in the pond. Bases are a catch and release, so you can enjoy yourself throughout the day. (It’s possible to bring it back to 3.)
Fishing circular (half day) of 1000 yen-


Forest forest walk of Cuore

A walkway of the full length 1200m. There are a natural observation ridge “KASUTERRO” and Mr. rabbit village in the way. While air just born is a fullness forest, a heart is healed.




It’s all-weather with TENISUKO and also possible by rental of a tool. The style of the high plain dries sports sweat pleasantly.
Tennis court(1 side)1890 yen




When I say an outdoor, barbecue! How about a day trip barbecue in the campsite? The rental of a tool is possible by open fire OK. You can also use space with a roof (reservation-required) for the time of rainy weather.
Barbecue house(It needs reservation.) 2625 yen-






BONO and Cuore

ME NYU is various a special octopus pancake and fried noodles. Shaved ice and Hokkaido soft ice cream are best in hot summer. Please use it at a form of snack bar time.



Taisho restaurant

Noodles, soba and rice bowl dishes have the abundant Japanese food central menus. A seasonal dish of each season is a nonesuch bokuha sushi. If I’m tired from playing, please come. A breakfast set (reservation-required) and rice dumplings-on-a-stick are the popular menu.


Italian house

The Italian house built for a friendship exchange with an Italian PISUTOIA city. You can enjoy espresso coffee from tearoom and midst in addition to the light meal and Italian pizza at inside of the building.



Waku-Waku house

A fish offers a fish dish with sweetfish and trout to an entrance of the park at a house excitedly excitedly. Please eat the taste of the season here. There is also a corner of local specialties in a hometown.



Barbecue ridge

It’s also possible to broil grabbed fish by the place and enjoy a barbecue. They’re indoor facilities, so rainy weather can be used surely. (The bringing in of ingredients is bad.)
A barbecue of 2000 yen –