How to use the food court


I will explain how to use a food coat that can eat easily. Enjoy a delicious meal.


1.Since a menu with photos is affixed, choose the menu you want to eat from it.

※Please click here for raw materials and food allergies.


2.Throw money into the ticket vending machine and press the menu you want to eat. Then the tickets will come out.


3.Because the shops are different for each menu, we will bring a ticket to the store of the menu you purchased.


4.You can give a bell if you give me a ticket to the store people. I will have a seat when I get a bell.


5.It is a signal that you can eat when the bell rings. I will go to the shop with a bell. I will return the bell and have a meal.


6.After eating the meal, I return the dishes to the return place.